Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happily Ever After

     Well, everybody, it's been one week since the performance of the show, and I must say, it's been a wild ride! I would like to thank everybody that has been following this blog since June. Thank you so much for supporting me!     To my cast: It's been so much fun working with you. You don't know the joy you have brought to my life through this production! I look forward to seeing all of you at a Simply Enchanted Reunion sometime before I move to Washington in August. I can't wait to start planning this!
     This is a story has a beginning, a plot, a climax, a solution, and a happily ever after. Dreams really do come true.
                                                                -Mina Bloom
                                                                 Official Theatre Director

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The crazy Simply Enchanted cast

Here they are: My crazy, wonderful, chaotic, loud, huge, talkative, wild, amazing, incredible, and simply enchanting cast. I love you guys!!!!!!

We can do it!

A very special picture drawn by Simon in England JUST for me! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Acknowledges to the Simply Enchanted Team

Well, the show is finally upon us.  I'd like to thank he following people who have simply added their enchanted touch to this fairy tale come to life.

  • My Grandparents Bloom for driving 4 of my cousins and my Grandmother Barak down from Northern California to see the show. Can't wait to see you guys! The drive means a lot!
  • Michael Naffzinger for the comic relief and directorial advice during the strenuous rehearsal weeks. WAAAAAA!
  • Shannon Dickey and her tech crew for moving around sets at the right times. Very helpful, and we thank so much!
  • Scott Yoffe for his incredible "donation" of a secret surprise that will finish off a very special music number! Thanks a million!
  • Karen Magruder for all 8 1/2 years of piano lessons.  It added up to a very magical addition to the ballroom dance. Thanks, Karen!
  • Ranya Anabtawi for the incredible lighting notes direct from her creative mind. Thanks for helping me stretch my imagination!
  • Simon Baker in England for the hilarious emails on how to control a cast and the endless packages of melted Cadbury buttons and DVDs to inspire me! I now know how random you have to be to get the cast's attention! :-)
  • The Kelbers for evil-ishly delicious carrrrrrrrmel apples! One bite is all it takes!
  • Penny Libenschek for the soon-to-come VIP Party treats! After a sample of one of her cupcakes today, I can tell they are going to be magical! Thanks in advance!
  • Kylene Allen for dancing so beautifully for us before each show. We look forward to entering the show with you!!!
  • Rachel Mellis for controlling the sound system. A very gratifying thank you to you for taking over such an important job!
  • Miralu Gildernu and Ed Mendoza my glam team for the fabulous make-up job they will animate the cast when the time comes, giving the show that theatrical zing! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  • Elizabeth Tokalty for her guest star appearance in the show and all of the positive energy she has brings with her!
  • Mr. Mackenzie for strengthening our unison of voices and preparing us to sing Beautiful Ballads!!!
  • Maryann Gray for creating masterpieces into some of the leads' costumes. They'll steal the show!
  • Jenna Minor for the best-friendly support and optimism that was so very needed! BFF&E!!!
  • Roland Juarez for the amazing choreography and with standing dedication throughout the making of Simply Enchanted.
  • The Creators of Disney's Enchanted for the inspiration.
  • My Cast Members for their tolerance, dedication, ideas, compliments, and strong bond of teamwork. We'll always be a family!
  • My sister, Delaney Bloom, for rehearsing with me in the backyard and being such a good little fox in the beginning scenes. Basically, just letting me boss her around. Thanks for sticking with us.
  • Dani Everts for her extraordinary support and directorial advice when times got tough and taking over when things got a little too realistic. A true lifesaver.
  • My parents for the every-chance discussions of ideas-in-the-making, for the emotional support, the HEAVY LOAD of creative energy, and the overall acceptance of what I can do and who I am as a person. The show would never have been the same without you two!
  • Linda Vick for her unparalleled dedication and unconditional love for the cast, crew, and me. Thanks for the enchanted opportunity.
And to everybody else, (parents, bloggers, spectators, ticket holders) we might have forgotten, thanks to you too. Each and every one of you has helped make my dreams come true.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Few Breaths

With the show in a matter of days, we are not only stressing our shoulders numb, breathing deeply, and falling asleep whenever we sit down but WE ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!! I feel like I'm getting married on Saturday AND Sunday!!! Ha ha! Hee hee!!! There's so much to be happy about:

  • I am swimming in a pool of glee! The Simply Enchanted set is looking quite enchanted. I'm not going to go into details, but let me just tell you, it makes my stomach jump every time I think about how wonderful it looks!
  • I am stuffing my face with chocolate! ALL THREE SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT! I know, the parents usually buy all of the tickets and what not, but STILL!!! What a happy day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words of the Wise

     Things have been quite chaotic around here, so I'm going to hand the microphone over to some of my respected advice-givers. Here's what some theatre directors have to say about problems directors encounter on the journey:

    "If in doubt, use a megaphone or some really annoying noisy thing that will stop people talking long enough for you to say something important. It could be a bell, a whistle, or a car horn. Something so irritating that they'll stay quiet just to avoid hearing it. 
      "Actually, a friend of mine would regularly stand on a chair to attract attention in rehearsals and shout something completely random like "BARF!", "YOU'RE A WIZARD, HARRY!", or 'WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!".
      "If that doesn't work, fake your own death and die in front of them. If anyone says you're sick just answer back that if they just stopped talking you wouldn't have to resort to such things."
              -Simon Baker, on how to stop the cast for rudely talking at the wrong times at rehearsals. Hey, it happens!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Additions to the Musical

OOOdles of thanks for those contributing to the making of Simply Enchanted in September:
  • 9/10/09  Mary Ann Gray made the most Fastastic costumes in all of Fascinasia. Giselle's ballroom gown is to swoon for and Queen Narciscia's is a showstopper.  A Kingdom of thanks to Mary Ann for her tedious labor making these characters costume's become so McDreamy on stage!
  • My papa has been working on the 'Lovey-Doveys' .  Our inspiration was pulled from the kite birds swirling around as in  The Lion King on Broadway.  These lovebirds will be flying in to deliver the invitations to the ball.  His next project is to build the TV used in the 2nd half  of the play.  Thank you papa for all your craftiness!
  • 09/14/08 This morning, a friend of my parents', Scott, who is a DJ ,  dropped off  'Flick    Sticks'.  These sticks burst open with confetti.  So SURPRISE! ~ be ready to be confetti-ed!  Thank you so much Scott for this sweet-natured donation that will make the performances even more  AMAZ-ZA-ZINGY!
  • 09/14/08 I'm FILLED WITH G L E E !  TODAY MARKS A MOMENT MOST ENCHANTED. For those of you that have a ticket to the 7:00 show, you are the audience for the SOLD OUT PERFORMANCE OF SIMPLY ENCHANTED!!!  We are gleed to announce that we have a full house for the prime time 7pm show!  However, don't be disenchanted if you don't have your tickets yet because there are still tickets available for the Saturday & Sunday at 2pm.
Gleefully your director,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everything Simply Enchanted

Some more things having to do with you-know-what:

  • 09/11/08 Thursday rehearsal! Today, Roland taught the cast the rest of 'So Close' and 'That's How You Know'. I have to say, I am quite impressed with how 'So Close' is coming along! While this was going on, Anabelle practiced 'Hex Appeal' with Mr. M in the front room. Then, we ran through all of Act 1. It wasn't too smooth, but I think we got a lot finished. I showed Geena her ballroom dressed, and she screamed so loud our ears were ringing! Geena tried super hard today! I am very proud of everybody!
  • 09/11/08 Exciting news for me! My grandparents Bloom are going to be driving down from Northern California for the show! They will be bringing with them my 4 girl cousins and my grandma Barak as well. So excited!
  • 09/11/08 Sully came over yesterday to interview me using some pre-written questions. Afterwards, we had some time, so we video taped me showing the camera props and me playing the piano. Also, some exclusive DIRECTOR OUT-TAKES by me! I started to interview Sully, but then the camera shut down. Oh, well! It was fun while it lasted!
  • 09/10/08 We went to pick up the Queen's costume as well as Jessinet's ballroom dress. The Queen's dress is black with a hidden purple in it. It has RUFFLES too! And OMG! Geena's dress is blue underneath, and a sparkly grayish black with butterflies on the outside. So pretty!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

You can never have enough rehearsals!

Here are some of the latest rehearsals:

  • 09/06/08 Ensemble came, followed by the leads. We practiced That's How You Know with Roland and then took a look at props. When the leads arrived, we ran though the ballroom scene, something we had not worked on in a while. I am exhausted!
  • 09/04/08 Thursday rehearsal. Quite chaotic, actually. We learned some more of the dances, and then attempted to run through a few scenes starting from the beginning. It was quite difficult. Somehow, we made it through the day...
  • 08/30/08 Our first ensemble rehearsal! Delaney, Jenna, Katrina, and Madison showed up, as well as Roland, who taught us the rest of 'That's How You Know'. It's going to look so amazing! Also, I went through their blocking with them, where they have to go when. I think we got a lot done with the people that came. I feel satisfied that they know what they are doing!
  • 08/28/08 Yep! It was Thursday again! This Thursday I had a bit more energy. Mr. Mackenzie wasn't available, so Roland came over earlier to re-teach the choreography for 'So Close' some more for the people that needed to review it. At 5:00, Roland left, and I took over. We managed to get through a few scenes, and then Elizabeth came. She sang the 'So Close' song for the cast, just so they could know what they'd have to be dancing to. After Liz had finished and left, we started again and managed to get through all the scenes except for the last one. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ticket Selling

Wow, we're on the rage of ticket selling! From Australia to Northern California, we're recieving check for tickets from everywhere! If you are reading this, and still want tickets, order them now, because time and seats are literally runnning out!
  • A friend of ours, Ceci, bought 2 tickets today for the show. Exciting!
  • My 7th-grade Language Arts teacher will be attending the 4:00 show with her husband. I am so glad they are coming!
  • My great-grandparents Conley from Fair Oaks, CA will be taking a train down to Claremont for 3 days, in which they will see the 7:00 show, and stay at the DoubleTree Hotel. It's going to be great to have them!

Other Events, Advertising, and Ideas In-the-Making

  • 08/23/08 A friend of ours, Ed, is a professional hair and make-up artist. Our friend Miralu (see below), is also a professinal Make-up artist. We are hoping to have one of them do the make-up for the show. We'll just have to see...
  • 08/23/08 This morning, with my mom's friend Miralu, we discussed the possibility of using Citrus Elementary's auditiorium. She will be making some calls, so we will just have to see what happens.
  • 08/21/08 Today, we went to the Fairplex to assemble our Kid's Collection. My sister's was Kung-Fu Panda and Karate stuff, and mine was Enchanted and Simply Enchanted stuff! It included books, Pip stickers, a large troll doll, and information on how the public can order tickets from us! Yipeeee! I wonder how the public will handle it...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Evening of Desserts and Other Events that Proceeded Afterwards

All of the following events officially wiped me out!
  • 08/24/08 Today, Liz and I practiced the 'So Close' song at my house. She will be singing it, and she sounds great! I can't wait for the public to see her!
  • 08/23/08 This Saturday, I had Adam, Anabelle, Annika, Brooke, and Laura over to run through lines. We only got through the whole play once with some difficulty, but I do believe it is coming together.
  • 08/21/08 Another Thursday rehearsal! I arrived with a massive headache and a slight fever. Not good. Mr. Mackenzie went over 'Happy Working Song' and 'That's How You Know' with the cast. They sounded okay. At 4:30, I took over and we went through scene 1 and afterwards, I gave them notes about what they could do better. Then, Roland took over, and for an hour-and-a-half, we learned and practiced the 'That's How You Know' dance, including myself. I went home with a splitting headache. Fun, fun, fun! 
  • 08/17/08 Today was the Evening of Desserts, a ticket-selling event that involved sweets, speeches, and sales. We had at least 30 people attend, old and new friends, teachers, parents of cast members, and so many more. For about 45 minutes, we dipped poison apples slices in the chocolate fountain and clinked glasses of poison apple martinis over conversations having to do with Simply Enchanted and other subjects I do not know of. Soon, Linda, Dani, Sully, and I gave our speeches. With rounds of applause for Linda and Sully, and laughs for Dani and I, we informed everybody with paragraphs and paragraphs on the history of Stageworks, what the Peer-to-Peer program is all about, and eventually introuduced them to the cast we had here tonight. Shortly after closing our speeches on tickets, we proceeded into the living room and sold 63 tickets!!!! What a closing to the evening! We thank all of you who came tonight and can't wait to see you on stage!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simply Overwhelming!

There's so much happening all at once...

  • 08/15/08 The family that bought our house on Vicara drive has been keeping in touch with us! I asked them if there 4-year-old daughter would like to be in the play. She seems interested, and will do it! Her mother said she's quite a ham. They will also be selling tickets for us! Yeah!
  • 08/15/08 I recently heard from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's owners, saying that the caramel apples are BEING MADE!!! They are having their best decorators create them. We will pick them up Sunday morning!
  • 08/14/08 Today was another Thursday rehearsal. I got to meet two new girls Megan and Kaylee. Mr. Mackenzie was there to teach the cast the vocal parts of 'That's How You Know' and 'Happy Working Song'. We went through both songs shortly before Mr. Mackenzie commented on our improving sound. Then, Roland arrived and proceeded to teach us the rest of 'So Close'. We pretty well have it down! Then, we worked on 'That's How You Know' which includes choreography for Jenna's dog Wickett. After the final word from the director, everybody left. 
  • 08/13/08 Today I went and saw 'The Pageant of the Masters' with my mother in Laguna Beach. What happens is, professional actors get on costumes and heavy makeup and pose in front of a backdrop, overall portraying famous paintings and making them 'living art'. It was so amazing! They posed for some scary Native American Gods, the Statues that stand on top of a famous French Opera House, and finally, 'The Last Suppper'. I tried to stay still for that long, but I blinked and ruined it. What a talent to have!!!
  • 08/12/08 While waiting in the lobby of my mom's dance class, I have been working on the tickets for the show that are to be given out at the Evening of Desserts. They look really good! They are red apples connected to a clear sheet that has the ticket information on it, that are tied together with green ribbon, making them look very similar to the poison apple in the play... 

Monday, August 11, 2008


You know, there are so many elements that directors have to face. Some are negative, but others are positive! This blog is dedicated to those and only those who care about my efforts. Each one has made my day a little more magical. Keep up the love and enthusiasm!
  • 08/09/08 My mother's friend Cindy came into the room and handed me $30. She's coming to the show and bringing someone special with her!
  • 08/10/08 As you might have read before, we went and saw Hollywood's Best New Talent for Elizabeth T. We were unsuccessful in getting to see her perform, but afterwards, she called to say that it's time to start rehearsing the song for my show. Thus, we begin a new age of Simply Enchanted sessions.
  • 08/11/08 My mother's England-native friend Simon, who is a director, sent me a hilarious word document that contained bits of his experiences with shows he has directed and acted in before. We laughed so hard, I nearly fell off my seat. In addition to the humor, I learned some good skills as well.
  • 08/11/08 My lead, Geena, called today just to say that she could make it to the Sunday show and that she was wondering how the show went yesterday. Just that. No complaints or anything.
  • 08/11/08 Perhaps this is the most exciting of all. Read back to my first post, and there you will find Michael N.'s name. He is a director and actor and my mother and I admire his talents very much. Today, she took pictures of his family, and while she was there, he said he 01) Saw my blog and loved it! 02) Wants to give me directorial advice and 03) Wants me to do an INTERNSHIP WITH HIM(!!!!) ON HIS NEXT SHOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where it all begins! This is where my dream starts! YIPEEEEEE!!!
Let this blog be a reminder to you of how little, and sometimes effortless things can make a 13-year-old child director's day a little more... enchanted.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New in the World of Mina Bloom and Simply Enchanted

  • 08/10/08 Today we saw Elizabeth T. at the Kodak Theatre. Despite the fact that she wasn't allowed to perform (thanks to the judges), we love her still the same. She will be performing 'So Close' for the play, just to make it a little more special. I went with my mom's friend Lucy, who has known me before I was born, who brought me to a special lunch and even got me a heart, peace-sign necklace for the show. Thanks again, Juicy!
  • 08/09/08 Another Saturday rehearsal has come and gone. We attempted to run through scenes and got little done, but we had a heck of a time! Afterwards, we went swimming. This will be our last rehearsal with Geena, as she will be gone for camp for two weeks! Practice! 
  • Today was yet another Thursday rehearsal. We had Roland choreograph 'So Close' with the entire cast again. At 5:15ish, I took over and we rehearsed scenes 1-3 with the leads only. We also got the chance to meet new cast members, Katrina and Madison. I don't know if I've said this before, but bossing around people is FUN!!! I also wore my old-fashioned-director french Barette to add a movie-directing affect. Hee, hee!  
  • OMG!!! I'M GOING TO SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD!!! I'M GOING TO WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY...LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On October 10th, 2008 at 8:00 PM at Pepperdine University, I'm going to be sitting inches away from RYAN STILES, and GREG PROOPS!!! I fainted just now.
  • This morning, I called our friend Shannon, who moves sets for professional shows. Recently, she was part of the tech team for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Anyways, I talked to her about moving sets for my show and she is able to move props and sets for THIS show for the Saturday shows! Yea!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tragedies and Things Gone Wrong!

These are some of the unfortunate events that have taken place in the making of Simply Enchanted so far. Luckily, there aren't many.

  • Our actor for the Priest, Narrator, and Ballroom Speaker, William O., officially canceled on my show as well due to school issues. We are thinking about casting me as the Narrator and Priest and hold open auditions for the Ballroom Speaker.
  • Our actress for Helena, Shelly L., officially canceled on my show a few days ago due to family issues. We have officially casted Brooke H., our newest cast member, as Helena. Good luck, Brooke!
  • We have almost officially decided that the possibility of performing at the Foothill Country Day school is impossible to pursue. My parents could not have attended, as well as Dani, and also, having it then would have given us only 4 weeks to put together a show! Literally impossible for a first-time director. Thank you for understanding this decision.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Newest Additions and Ideas In-The-Making

These are some of the latest ideas that are in-the-process of being made. This is a rather large list... Enjoy!
  • Yesterday, my mom and I went to JoAnn's to get fabric for the making of the Queen's dress. We got shimmery purples that change colors when you look at them differently, spider-weby see-through material for the back cape, and some amazing purple material for the cape. Also, a bit of glittery material to put around tree stumps. So cool!
  • Today, we went to the Educational store. Here, we bought large New York signs that say 'Go!', 'Share the Road', and 'Everyone smiles in the same Lauguage'. Also, we purchased card-size apples to give to people as tickets. Not to mention the mini-stickers, glittery borders, and cockroaches too. Fun, fun fun!
  • Last night, we went to Wal-Mart and got the perfect broom for Jessinet in the Happy Working Song. It has a green handle and red and white sweeper-thingys at the bottom. You know what I mean.
  • Yesterday, at the Disney Store, we purchased some huge Enchanted adhesive stickers to stick around the stage. We also bought the huge plush troll that could be found in Andalasia, and Giselle place-mats for no specific reason! (cause they were cheap?) 
  • On August 10th, I will be going to Hollywood to  the Kodak Theatre to see 'Hollywood's Best New Talent' starring Elizabeth B., who will be starring in Simply Enchanted as the singer for 'So Close', with me as her pianist accompaniment. The winner of the show will be casted in a Broadway show. We hope she wins!
  • Geena and I attended a free singing lesson with my singing instructor, Linda, yesterday. We worked on Happy Working Song and Geena made up a cool ending for it. We have scheduled another session in which we will work on 'That's How You Know'. Yay!
  • At the last rehearsal, my father got headshots of Geena, in which he will photoshop into an Enchanted picture that will be on display at the shows. Also photoshoped in there will be Anabelle, Logan and Adam in their character's body. The final product will be funny!
  • Our make-up gal, Miralu, is asking her husband, PJ, who works as a teacher at Chaffey High School, if he can ask if we can use their auditorium stage for 2 shows. Wish us luck for this very exciting opportunity!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Rehearsals and Events

  • This morning through the afternoon, I had cast members come over by schedule so that we could work on character development. For most of them, we went through their lines once with the script, then without the script, then rehearse the dancing that we learned on Thursday. I personally feel like we got a lot done for the amount of time that we had.
  • Today was another fun-filled Thursday rehearsal! We have Ezequiel back! We got to try on costumes (so cool!), which included the Queen's gown, Jessinet's wedding dress, and most of the animal friends' outfits. At 5:00, our choreographer, Roland, showed up and we learned the first few steps in the 'So Close' ballroom scene dance. We got into pairs and learned the bowing first, then back, then forward, then left, then right, and repeat again. Afterwards, Geena stayed behind and we learned part of Happy Working Song. Progress, people!
  • Yesterday was another Saturday rehearsal. Because I hadn't planned on having one that day, only two of my leads (Geena and Laura) show up (which is fine). We went through all of their lines, and Laura even got to talk to a real New-Yorker to get that accent down! 
  • We had a rehearsal today! We had make-up done for a few cast members, and with the rest, we ran through as many scenes as we could down. It was difficult, but well laid out for the challenges of being a director.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Donations and Services

  • On Thursday the 24th, my mother's friend, Miralu, will be doing the make-up for my cast's individual photos! We will make them look like Enchanted characters, may they be evil or good! It's going to be fun!!!
  • Upon my return to Claremont, 3 letters were sitting on my bed. One, from my close relatives, Mike and Martha, included a check of donation! The memo simply said, 'Good Luck!'. Another envelope was from newly acquainted relatives, Ivan and Sondra, with another check! If my luck wasn't already good enough, another letter still remained. With the return address of my mom's good friend, Nancy, the envelope contained money for the Couple's Package for the show. We're getting response! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!
  • On my trip, we happened to bring up the subject of Simply Enchanted. My Grandpa Bloom went into the bedroom, and came out with an envelope that enclosed yet another gift of support! I hugged him a lot...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the Life of DA DIRECTOR

I am currently on a road trip with my family until July 23rd, forcing me to miss 3 Thursday rehearsals. I find that the emotions of being a director have overtaken my mind. Here are some examples:
  •   I keep having dreams of running through the show, which is so bad, that I am forced to call intermission in the middle of Act 1! Then, my (rather large and eager for a good show) audience starts talking with my cast when I'M trying to talk to them! This type of dream not only opens my mind to all sorts of frightening possibilities, but it teaches me a lesson. I learn what not to do or let happen. That's what dreams are for.
  • The purpose of being a director is to be in control. When I am separated from the things I have control over for a period of time, I feel unimportant. So I get angry at every single uncomforting action my family members make. If it is not beneficial to me, I become a grump all day.
  • Everything you just read above-it's all because I miss my position already. This trip has given me a variety of pros and cons of directorship. Upon my return, I will strive to be the most fun and optimistic director my cast has ever had! I can do it!!! 

Friday, July 4, 2008

The First Rehearsals

  • Rehearsal #3 was another one for leads only at my house. We blocked Act 2, worked on projecting our voices, and then had a snack. It was really hilarious at some points, but others, not so funny. Anyways, it's all part of building relationships!!!
  • Rehearsal #2 took place at the The Theatre Company Rehearsal Hall at 4-6 last Thursday. I was in Oregon at the time and could not attend. My cast told me that they practiced the 'That's How You Know' song (and some already memorized it! Yea!) and rehearsed the blocking notes I gave them during Rehearsal #1. Mr. Mackensie was there, and we are off to a good start so far, thanks to our dedicated cast. 
  • Rehearsal #1 took place at my house in Claremont. With the leads that were there, we blocked all of Act 1 and then went swimming for a while. We got a lot done, and I hope we get the same amount done next time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today we had 4 more actors show up out of our expected 7. Yikes! We had a good last audition and here are the results:
  • Jessinet is Geena W.
  • Colin is Logan K.
  • Prince William is Adam M.
  • Helena is Shelly L.
  • Beatrice is Laura M.
  • Natan is Ezequiel G.
  • Queen Narciscia is Anabelle M.
  • Squeek is Delaney B. and Annika G.
Also starring Eden M. as the Reporter and William O. as the Narrator, Priest, and Ballroom Speaker. And also starring Melanie O. and Jenna M. as the beginning of our growing ensemble.
After I announced who is who, we read through the script once (a hilarious turnout) and I personally feel very confident with my decisions and look forward to working with this enthusiastic cast. I will be leaving on trips for the next few Thursdays, and so I hope my cast will progress well under the care of Dani. Congratulations and well done, once again, cast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Auditions Part I

Yesterday was the first audition date for anybody who wanted to be in the show. Dani and I got to sit at a table (like Drew Carey) and watch people say a line I selected for them in their best character voice. It was quite fun to see everyone trying SO hard for the part they wanted. The outcome: 01) We lost Mackensie Orr, due to her busy schedule. 02) I now know who several of my actors shall portray. 03) I have confimed the fact that we need MORE PEOPLE!!! 

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Read-Through

Yesterday was the read through of my script. About 13 people showed up, including Broadway Experience members, friends from Alta Loma, and friends from El Roble. Even my mom's 21-year-old assistant William showed up to help us read. The purpose of the read through was for me to see if the script needed any changes, and for the cast members to find what character would be best for them to try out for on Saturday. We had a lot of fun, while I chose random people for random parts, and read through the script twice. I ended up making a few changes, and we all enjoyed it.
   Needing to be inspired, after the read-through my mother took my to me favorite director's newest movie, The Happening, where he suspends Central park in a situation where plants attack. It was the type of movie that played on my fears (there were parts where I covered my eyes in order to spare me the nightmares), but it was good to see what was inside the mind of M. Night Shyamalan again.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Preparations and Advertising

  • Through a few emails to my mother's best friend from High School, Ranya, who has a major in Lighting and Theatre design, I'm getting lighting tips that will stir the audience's moods when the see the emotions onstage. It's going to look great if we can coordinate some of the notes and tips onto the stage.
  • My parent's assistant's 8-year-old daughter, Kylene, is going to be ballet dancing for us as people enter the audience before the show. She will be dressed in the Giselle wedding dress and the wig. Thank you, Kylene!
  • In several emails to a friend, I was very lucky to have the enthusiasm of Roland to be our choreographer. Very willing to help us, he will be asking if someone can take his place at his work on Thursdays during the time that we will be needing him. Thanks to Roland, we now have a choreographer!
  • At my mother's dance practice in Rancho Cucamonga, I met a woman named Elizabeth had an amazing singing voice, which gave me an idea. I asked her if she would sing the song, 'So Close' for us onstage at all of the performances, and she replied with an 'of course, I'd love to!'. We're getting somewhere, people!
  • To get the three songs for the play on a CD without words, I asked my vocal trainer, Linda, if she could learn them and record them for me in exchange for a free buisness card in the program. She will! I'm very glad we'll have songs for the production. It's coming together!
  • To get actors, I went to a Beauty and the Beast rehearsal, where millions of striving actors and actresses were rehearsing and left them a large stack of audition flyers. In addition, I sent four personal invitations to Mackensie, Maggie, Ezequiel, and Krisitna inviting them to try out for Squeek, Jesinet, Natan, and Helena. Wish them luck!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pre-show Performances

  • Today, June 14th, was the opening (and closing) of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse for Stageworks Theatre Group. Lilly's is based off of the Kevin Henkes books, and if you're familiar with them, you can imagine what the stage looked like! TONS OF COLORS! I played Raphael, your average school mouse, but I spoke with a strong lisp and everybody laughed when I said something! My Best Friend, shown in the picture below, was Lilly, a large commitment to the show, and we all had fun. Also a new discovery for my show, actress GEENA WHITE came up to me and offered to audition. It's going to be tough competition, hopefuls! 
  • On June 3rd, I played with my Concert Band from my old school, Alta Loma Junior High. We performed Moscow 1945, Viking Victorious, Pegasus, and the John Williams Trilogy. It was a refreshing reunion with my fellow bandmates. 
  • Yesterday was my El Roble Concert Band performance. We played Planet of the Apes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rythmata, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not only did WE play, but an incredible drum ensemble played an amazing Harry Potter medley very well. My band director is moving away this year, so it was a good way of saying 'Thanks for the Lessons, we'll never forget' to him. Goodbye, Mr. Perez!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A little info on my show

Simply Enchanted is loosely based off the movie Enchanted, which came out in 2007. To avoid plagiarism, I completely rewrote the script adding my own little flare here and there. The characters stayed the same except for their names! As follows:

           Giselle: Jesinet
           Robert: Colin
           Edward: William
           Nancy: Helena
           Morgan: Beatrice
           Nathaniel: Natan
           Queen Narissa: Queen Narcissa
           Pip: Squeek

THIS IS A MUSICAL PRODUCTION! Come prepared to sing sing sing! Everyone will star in the Park/That's How you Know scene. We also need dancers for the Ballroom scene and the Park one again. There's one thing that's certain, every part is vital and will be an adventure!


All ages are invited to the first unofficial read-through of Simply Enchanted. My script need to be read through on June 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. On June 21, a Saturday, from 3:00 to 4:30ish I will hold auditions. June 26 we hope to announce a cast, collect participation fees of $125, get a volunteer list started and begin blocking the show. JUNE 26TH IS ALSO A SECOND AUDITION DATE FOR ANYONE WHO WILL BE MISSING THE 21ST ONE!!! Any questions, fell free email to or post a comment.


Today marks 11 days until Auditions. For some research, we went to Midsummer Night's Dream (directed by Michael Naffziger) at the Lewis Family Playhouse. It was quite amazing! Great lighting and costumes. Afterwards, we got to talk with the director and learn a bit about what it's like! I've taken notes! Meanwhile, my producer, Linda Vic, is keeping me plenty busy with editing the script, typing up lighting and scene notes, and advertising it for both the audience and for cast members! My colleague, Sullivan Glynn, will be doing a film documentary of the making of the show. Also, my director for the most recent play, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, is going to be co-directing with me. So for now, most of what we can do is prepare and wait! See you soon!